Introducing the Tessera Method

As someone who is profoundly affected by sound, I have found sound healing to be deeply transformative on my own healing journey. To pay forward my gratitude, I want to offer you the same transformation opportunity. Let me tell you about a person I’ve come to know whom I consider to be one of the greatest gifts of my life.

Adam King is a musician, songwriter, lecturer and visionary who sheds new light on what we think we know about suffering, clarity and creativity. His music is guided intuitively, and with the skill of a master musician, takes us beyond where we are trapped in old memories that cause our suffering, into new possibilities.

In his lectures and e-books, he uses scientific explanations to show us how our minds and bodies work to keep us trapped. He then walks us through how the Tessera Method helps bring clarity and liberation – as best he can. This is something a person can really only ‘get’ by being in the experience.

That’s what the Connect Program offers – an opportunity to ‘connect’ to – and be in – a place where we can create new memories and gain awareness of our neuro-biological guidance system that sabotages our reactions. With awareness, we gain new perspective and make different choices.

All this is done with MAS (Mental Auditory Simulation) audios – combining his music with his voice to guide the experience. His offer is more than generous. Additionally, it comes with his personal support.

Take advantage of Adam’s Special Offer now!

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