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I came to the practice of aromatherapy, or using essential oils to support the body’s efforts toward wellness, from the perspective of many years delivering care as a nurse. I was convinced there were other ways to help people cope with all their distresses in addition to what I was doing.

The plants claimed me from a young age, and I’ve been fascinated by flowers all my life. When a fellow nurse first introduced me to essential oils in the early 80’s I was smitten, and have been so ever since. You see, I had my own distresses – as a student nurse I experienced a broken back. For some months I thought I might never be able to work as a nurse – something I felt called to do since I was three years old. As it turned out, I have had a long and successful career. Our bodies are truly miraculous, and I healed from that physical trauma without essential oils. But the emotional trauma stayed with me over the years.

Because we live in this world in these mortal bodies, unexpected things happen, and most of us (dare I say all of us?) have trauma stored up inside a portion of our brain that operates in the background every day, influencing our ability to cope with the stresses in our lives. An amazing thing about the sense of smell is that the olfactory bulb is the one place where our brains have direct contact with the outside world, bypassing all other processing by our bodies. The magical thing about this is that fragrance molecules pass through the olfactory bulb, becoming signals the brain can recognize. They access the primitive part of our brain (the limbic system) where trauma, memories and emotion are stored. It is possible for these fragrant oils to evoke the original memory whenever the individual is ready to release and heal from it, often in a very elegant way.

On my gratitude list every day is having ever been introduced to the intelligence of plant molecules, and that I sought out  the opportunity to study how to use them safely and wisely to learn their therapeutic effects. They have added a rich dimension to my life, and I hope to share that with you.

Aromatic Blessings,


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  1. Deneen says:

    Deonne, just as Marina gave me a new understanding of moon cycles, you have given me a new appreciation for the way aromatherapy creates healing on an emotional level. Thanks!

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