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If you are interested in the gifts of nature (essential oils, crystals, color, your own voice, your body movement) and how they can be used to awaken your senses and stimulate your chakras to clear and open, this is the tool kit for you!

Special offer includes:
  • Highest Potential Aromablend, 4ml
  • 7 Chakra Oils Kit, 4ml
  • Chakra Toning Meditation mp3
  • Chakra Toning Tips Discussion mp3
  • Chakra Workshop mp3
  • Chakra Integration Chart


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Connecting with our intuition requires becoming acquainted with our Divine Essence and developing a relationship. There are many energies that can lay down layers of interference between who we are in the world, and who we are in our core truth – our Divine Essence. Our planet, Mother Earth, provides tools from her nature to help us clear, break down and remove those layers so we can become intimate with our Intuitive Self.

Wendy Samuels and I spent a few joyful hours in a yoga studio teaching some wonderful women who were eager to learn about this concept. It was so successful that we want to share some of it with you.

7 Chakra Oil Kit

This essential oil kit was created specifically to be used as described in the Chakra Workshop mp3 included (below) in this offer. Each individual chakra blend is meant to be used when working with the corresponding designated chakra. It also includes a stone from Wendy’s StoryStones collection. This marriage of oils with stones creates an expansive synergy that increases the potential of its use far beyond our imagination! As mentioned in the interview, essential oils have an elegant multidimensional intelligence that targets what we need sometimes when we are not even aware, often helping us release energies effortlessly.

7 Chakra Oil Set includes seven 4ml bottles of essential oil blend diluted 20% in fractionated coconut oil with chakra stones. Jojoba oil instead of fractionated coconut available upon request.


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  • Root Chakra Oil comes with Obsidian
    Qualities: Grounding, Belonging, Safety, Balance, Strength, and Support
  • Pelvic Chakra Oil comes with Carnelian
    Qualities: Creativity, Healthy Boundaries; Healthy relationships with Wealth and Sexuality
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Oil comes with Amber
    Qualities: Personal Power, Self-Worth, Self-Love, Adequacy
  • Heart Chakra Oil comes with Rose Quartz
    Qualities: Emotional Expression, Giving and Receiving of Love, Nurturance
  • Throat Chakra Oil comes with Turquoise    
    : Speaking Truth, Speaking vs Listening, Timing of Action
  • Third-Eye Chakra Oil comes with Iolite
    Qualities: Left vs Right Brain Thought, Morality, Perception, Intuition
  • Crown Chakra Oil comes with Amethyst
    Qualities: Life Purpose, Connection to Source, Trust in Flow of Life
Highest Potential Aromablend

This blend was created especially for a very sacred ceremony I was guided to call into being. I was told to create a blend that would bring every member in the circle into harmony and into their Highest Potential. As I was putting this offer together for you, I was clearly instructed to include that blend. As I noticed the oils that I used, I began to see the way I had been guided to create this blend! I hadn’t noticed before that very chakra is represented in this blend. Because it was created by the prompting of my intuition (Guidance/Spirit, etc.), and guided by the intention of that Guidance, it activates and integrates the fully spinning chakra energies into the manifestation of their Highest Potential. It is also married to a Wendy Samuels StoryStone to expand that potential. (This is the blend Abby mentioned in the interview.)

  • Highest Potential Blend comes with Clear quartz crystal
    Qualities: Dignity, nurturance, lightheartedness, presence, resourcefulness, expressiveness, freedom, connectedness, harmony
Chakra Integration Chart BONUS!!!

This is a two-page chart that is instantly downloadable and was created for those of us who like a quick reference tool. You will use it often as it is a comprehensive guide that includes all of the elements you listed here.


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  • Chakra location & symbols
  • Chakra colors
  • Chakra-specific sounds
  • Chakra-specific musical note
  • The element related to each specific chakra
  • Chakra-related essential oils
  • Chakra-related stones/crystals
  • Chakra-associated mental-emotional states
  • Chakra-specific poses
  • Brief mantras for each chakra for full integration
Chakra Workshop mp3

This instantly downloadable mp3 is a full workshop in which you will learn how to use the oils and the stones while toning (your body knows the sound of your own voice intimately), along with simple yoga postures and the chakra color, to open up and move blocked/stuck energies.

Chakra Toning Tips Discussion mp3

In this instantly downloadable mp3, Wendy and I discuss more in depth about each chakra, some of the issues in each one that can cause energy blocks, and what you might notice as you begin to work with the oils and stones in this tool kit.

Chakra Toning Meditation mp3

Wendy and I have prepared a meditation in which we have captured the toning, sound, chakra note, & color for each chakra. This instantly downloadable mp3 allows you to tone along with us without having to skip through the workshop to achieve your chakra clearing and balancing experience.


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