Deonne is available to consult with you as your clinical aromatherapist, and will work in partnership with you to address physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, relying on available essential oil research integrated with her years of nursing practice and intuitive gifts. Underlying all  recommendations is her passion for holistic nursing which recognizes the potential within each human body-mind-spirit to activate the healing process for itself.

Initial Consultation $150 plus the cost of oils. (includes shipping for distance consultations)
Follow-up Session $135 (depending on the complexity of the personal treatment plan).


Deonne’s training in shamanism, related healing rituals and years of experience with many clients brings a level of expertise and guidance that allows her to navigate non-ordinary realities to facilitate a different perspective and help you find your own answers.

Consultation/Assessment $150
Power Animal Retrieval Journey – $100 (includes an mp3 of the journey)
Soul Retrieval Journey – $175 (includes a 20 min intention-setting session prior and an mp3 of the journey)
Post-Soul Retrieval Session $135 (as needed, depending on your situation. Modality used will vary.)


Reiki – 90 min session$150 (Face-to-face sessions will include essential oils, with a take-home blend.)
(Distance sessions will have the option of the same with only the additional cost of shipping.)
Pranic Healing – 2 hr session – $200 This modality generally requires a physician’s medical diagnosis. Treatment is based on specifically designed protocols for particular diagnoses rather than symptoms alone. This approach provides for greater success and effectiveness. (Distance sessions available)


Deonne includes Sound Healing in all sessions as she is intuitively guided. The vibrational frequency of sound has a profound effect on the vibrational frequency of human cells, and research has shown over time that healing sounds created with intention have a beneficial healing influence. There is no extra charge for the use of any musical instrument used in your personal healing session. It is a gift to empower you on your journey of clarity to make it easier for Purpose to find you.


Deonne has successfully, on many occasions, cleared spaces of dense and unhealthy energies that no longer serve a purpose, and actually cause disruption in the lives of those affected by such energies. These sessions can be done on site or at a distance with equal success.

Space Clearing Session
$500 :  up to 1,200 Sq. ft.
$550 – $950 : 1,300 Sq. ft – up to 3,000 Sq. ft.
Ask for an estimate

Contact Deonne for questions and information.

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