10 Pack $2.00

SpaScenter will please even the most demanding aromatherapists. It has been specifically designed to provide the most efficient diffusion of essential oils in their purest form through cold evaporation. 10 to 15 drops of essential oil are applied to the reusable aroma pad. The desired intensity of essential oil diffusion is adjustable by choosing the appropriate fan speed. This professional aromatherapy diffuser delivers instant effectiveness, exceptional efficiency and fully adjustable essential oil diffusion. It is an essential model in any Aromatherapy products range. SpaScenter is already exported to 30 countries and is appreciated by clinicians, specialists and consumers.

  1. Apply 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil or synergistic blend on the reusable pad.
  2. Remove the pad drawer from your SpaScenter.
  3. Place the scented aroma pad onto the pad drawer and re-insert the drawer.
  4. Turn on the diffuser and turn the dial to select your desired fan speed. Within seconds you will enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.
  5. An aroma pad may be used until it loses its absorbency. We strongly suggest using the same oil or blend per pad to avoid undesired combinations of aromas.
  • Occasionally remove the diffuser cone and wipe interior surfaces with a moist cloth.
  • Provide the same care to the aroma pad drawer.
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