Thank you for your interest in exploring the healing potential of aromatherapy. In alignment with the AIA’s purpose, Deonne is dedicated to educating clients and the general public about aromatherapy and it’s benefits. Deonne’s products are available by contacting her.

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Deonne has a wide array of products to suit all your health & well-being needs. She also offers custom blends which is a way to get even more specific to a particular personal concern you may have.

Consultation & Treatment Plans

Deonne is available for private consultations and treatment plans designed specifically for your individual needs.

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“I would highly recommend Deonne on a consultative basis as a complementary approach to health and healing. She integrates her 31 years of nursing experience with her understanding of the use of essential oils to enhance the body’s healing potential. We are fortunate to have Deonne in our community!”

– Barbara Sniffen, D.O., Pediatrician

“I have used Deonne’s essential oil blends both professionally and personally with immediate results. Her ‘Pain Be-Gone’ and ‘Sciatica Relief’ blends are the best pain formulations I’ve used. Her knowledge and attention to detail are apparent in the quality of her products. I highly recommend her work and her products!”

– Deborah Lang, Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist

Eucalyptus plant in background.

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