Today’s the day — I’m so excited! My interview is being taped today and will go live on July 22 – be sure to register and join me, and 30 other guests, in learning a variety of techniques on how to use your INTUITION to earn $$$.

But wait! There’s more…not only will you be learning how to access your inner guidance by connecting with your intuition, I will be offering a FREE AROMATHERAPY CONSULTATION for a custom blend! Within the framework of your intention, I am able to access your body’s wisdom by following my intuitive guidance. This process invites the essential oils to show up that will best assist you to form a connection with your intuition. It is designed to expand your ability to receive from your inner guidance.

I am so happy to be a part of this Intuition to Income Global Summit and to be offering this wonderful FREE tool which will assist you in helping to build your income through accessing your intuition.

It’s a totally FREE event that will pay off big time! Register now!

The event started June 30th and runs for 28-days. The online summit to teaches you how to harness the incredible power of your intuition to easily and joyfully create more income. Intuition to Income features a faculty of entrepreneurs from around the world who have learned how to tap into and follow their intuition to create rewarding and lucrative businesses.

Each day for 28 days, you’ll get access to a new interview. Listen to it at your leisure. Soak up the energy. Start to implement the proven strategies these entrepreneurs have proven will work.  It’s meant to support you on your soul path. But not to worry if you are coming late to the party – all the interviews are recorded and can be accessed any time during the 28 days.

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