Begin the New Year with the New Life Pack

Yes, the New Year has begun, and perhaps you feel that you’ve missed the boat in starting it off as you wished you had. I’m here to tell you it isn’t too late! This pack consists of three blends I created which work well together to promote change in your life.

I recommend using the Metamorphosis blend first. It is an undiluted blend of essential oils (Blue Tansy, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Labdanum and Neroli) that may be diffused, spritzed or inhaled directly from the bottle, from a tissue or from a diffuser. This blend nurtures the state of growth that marks the passage from one way of being to a whole new way; it supports the sure-footed walk into the unknown when mindful choice envisions and restores truth.

The second oil in this pack that I recommend to follow Metamorphosis is Song of Joy. This is a blend of essential oils (Coriander, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Fragonia and Frankincense) diluted in fractionated coconut oil (or jojoba oil may be substituted by special request). This formula is intended to be used as a chakra oil or applied to the pulse points, i.e., behind the ears, nape of the neck, wrists, under the nose, inner elbow. The beauty of this oil is that it helps you seek a safe way of celebrating having reached a trusting state, where you feel protected, and move mindfully with loving dignity and tender gentleness. In the safety of this space, you feel harmony in your heart.

Finally, you get to use the last blend in this trio of oils, the Prosperity blend. This is a blend of undiluted essential oils (Blue Chamomile, Australian Blue Cypress, Fragonia, Frankincense, Lemon Myrtle, May Chang, Sweet Marjoram, Sweet Orange, Black Pepper, Rosemary cineole and Ylang Ylang extra) that may be diffused, inhaled directly from the bottle, from a tissue, or spritzed. This complex blend brings loving dignity, resourcefulness, creativity, mindfulness, lightheartedness, protection, purposefulness, soothing support and acceptance of success into the environment. When it is inhaled with focus on the breath and attention to Spirit working cohesively together, it assists in a shift of perspective to see all possibilities.

So perhaps you can begin to see what I meant in that first sentence. All you need is to examine what you want to bring into your life and how/what you want to be. Set a clear intention that begins with ‘I am ___’ and start using the Metamorphosis blend as you hold that intention on a regular basis. When you feel the shift begin to occur within, you will know you are passing into a new way of BEing. You can move to the Song of Joy and celebrate that state which can only be reached through trust and surrender – that state of harmony within. As you open your heart in joy and gratitude, your intention will begin to manifest before you because it has been proven time and time again that gratitude is the quickest way to manifest what we want. The Prosperity blend will assist you to realize abundance in all that serves you, and open your eyes to new perspectives and possibilities.

My wish for you is that you realize your full potential in this year, 2014, for you are beautiful and magnificent.

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