I want to thank you for your insightful guidance and professional expertise. Two years ago when I had the knee replacement, your oils were a Godsend in getting me through the debilitating post- operative pain. My medical pain management program was not sufficient in providing me relief and did not address the swelling and trauma that had affected my muscle systems. The oils you created reduced the swelling and the pain and were instrumental in getting me through my recovery.

Now it’s two years later, and following another surgery on the same knee to remove the mountains of scar tissue that eventually impeded my mobility, you’ve come through again as my guardian angel and healer. The bruising kept spreading until my leg, from the thigh to the ankle was so discolored it looked as if someone had beaten me to death. The pain was intense, and the muscles were so traumatized they had locked in a contracted state and I wasn’t able to relax or stretch them. Once again the oils you prescribed and developed for my use literally saved my sanity. Within a week the purple bruises were half gone, and by the end of two weeks there is only some discoloration in the back of my calf and ankle. The oil to relax the muscles was miraculous and within days I could feel a positive change. As a result, three weeks out of surgery I’ve been able to bend my knee. While the continued work now is to be able to achieve that mobility easily and without pressure, my continued use of your oils is making a noticeable and positive difference in my daily workouts and enabling me to reach that goal. Your expertise, your depth of knowledge and profound wisdom are powerful gifts. I am grateful beyond words for all you’ve done. You are a magnificent healer and I feel blessed that our paths have crossed once again.”
With love and admiration,
– Micki Cooley, MA, Therapist

“I suffer from chronic back pain resulting from an injury which has developed into fibromyalgia … my pain is being managed by a specialist with narcotics and there are days the narcotics can’t get through the pain. I tried Deonne’s PBG formula and it gave me almost instant relief … now I always have a bottle of PBG on hand … for me, it’s nothing short of a miracle!”
– Ken A.

“I have known Deonne Wright for many years, in the capacity of a well respected nurse. When she became interested in aromatherapy I was thrilled. The combination of what I know of plant life and the multitude of chemicals derived from them in conjunction with Deonne’s medical skills, studious and investigative nature, I knew the products would be a success.

I have been using her products, for my personal use, as well as on my clients. I had been using Pain Be Gone (PBG) and Mobile Joint Formulas on my orthopedic patients for a few years when I had a personal experience with these products. I slammed the front door on my hand! I ran for the PBG and was genuinely surprised at how quickly the pain abated. Since that time, I have used it for various aches and pains. I also use a variety of other blends with my clients depending on my desired results. I can achieve relaxation, balancing, alertness, or clarity depending on patient’s issues and level of consciousness. I applaud Deonne’s continuing investigations into various helpful applications of these plant essences. I look forward to what she may create next.”
– Tamara Ward-Songster, Physical Therapist

“During the two weeks I was in rehab, I used the Pain-free Oil and Motion-free Oil before I had physical therapy sessions. They helped me get the full benefit of each session by relieving pain and contributed to getting back the full range of motion in my knee. Since I’ve been home, the oils have helped me manage the pain.”
– Barbara S.

“Some of my patients required intravenous antibiotics and received quality, timely and professional service from Deonne. I have personally witnessed a very sincere, caring, devoted and attentive-to-details professional individual be in charge of many patients including some of my own. Combining her wealth of experience, knowledge and passion, she has taken on aromatherapy and has become one of the only registered nurse aroma therapists in the state of Oregon. She has learned and continues to learn the useful applications of aromatherapy for the well-being of people living in the Grants Pass community. I have referred patients for aromatherapy for podiatric applications since I know the quality and expertise of a personal consultant far outweigh what they may find over the counter at the local store.

I have also found personal uses of aromatherapy for muscle spasms and nerve pain. All in all, I would have to say this community is fortunate to have Ms. Wright who has positive attributes as a person as well as professional expertise in nursing and aromatherapy.”
– Morika Froehlich, Doctor of Podiatry Medicine

 ”I had Shingles. Deonne suggested applying Shingles Treatment twice daily. As soon as my husband applied it on my back, I felt immediate relief. I thank Deonne each day.”
– Bonnie K.

“Following knee surgery in early 2002, were it not for “Mobile Joint Formula” and “PBG Formula”, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to continue to play and coach softball at the National level. I’ve recommended these same Aromablends to other players, who have confirmed their benefits for continued activity.”
– Phil H., Three-time ASA National Player & Coach

“Deonne’s Aromablends have been beneficial for pain relief associated with joint disease, injury and neuralgia reducing the use of traditional pain medications. Deonne also offers a variety of products which have been instrumental in the treatment of asthma as well as cold and flu symptoms.”
– Brenda Savin, LPTA

“We have been using Deonne’s antiseptic mouthwash and have found it to be much better than commercial brands. It is nice to know that everything used in this mouthwash is natural and healing. Canker sores seem to disappear more quickly. We have also used the foot powder which seems to take care of athlete’s foot very well. I would recommend these products to anyone wanting to try the natural way as opposed to the commercial brands on the market.”
– E.R.

Marjoram plant in background.

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