Deonne Wright, practitioner and owner of deonne’s Aromablends, offers the best of aromatherapy and the compliment of 42 years as a Registered Nurse.

She is a clinical aromatherapist, having studied many hundreds of hours with highly regarded essential oil experts, and is a member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA). Deonne is also the past Director of the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association. She currently serves as the Communication Coordinator. Click here for further information.

“Deonne’s nursing skills and knowledge base is outstanding. She also excels with patient and family education, including other nursing professionals, whom she supervises. Her holistic approach has assisted many to achieve their highest level of healing potential through conventional nursing and the complementary use of aromatherapy. The use of Deonne’s aromatherapy products has enhanced the healing process of family, my friends & myself.”

– Sandy Puntney, RN
Former Owner of Royale Gardens Health & Rehabilitation Center

“I have observed Deonne’s work in multiple settings in this community since 1987. I have been particularly impressed with her patient management and problem-solving skills. She shows an exceptional ability to problem solve and integrates the whole person in her care plan. Our physical therapists report good results with her PBG and MJ Formulas. I personally use them often.”

– Bart Shields, Physical Therapist, Supervisor Rehabilitation Services

Deonne began her studies of essential oils in 2001 with Victoria Edwards in a certificate program in Fair Oaks, California. Upon completion, she sat and passed a national exam in June 2001 to qualify as a Registered Aromatherapist ™. She renewed her registration in March 2006, once again by exam.

In July 2006, Deonne studied with a French physician to further her knowledge in the area of clinical application of essential oil therapy for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. She believes in life-long learning, and maintained her Registered Aromatherapist designation through continuing education through March 2016.

The goal of her practice is to integrate aromatherapy as a complementary healing modality with mainstream health applications, enhancing the body’s healing potential. Deonne’s expertise is in developing formulas specifically for each individual’s needs. Her practice is based on recognizing that we are each unique and the healing process is a personal and individual journey.

Thank you for your interest in exploring the healing potential of aromatherapy. In alignment with the AIA’s purpose, Deonne is dedicated to educating clients and the general public about aromatherapy and its benefits.

“I have thyroid cancer, and due to radiation, I am fighting four hurtful burns in my mouth; swallowing and pain are a problem. My Dr. recommends a special mouthwash and gargle, to be used every six hours, but it did not do the trick. Again, he recommends another, called “Modified Mouthwash (previously called Healing Mouthwash), originated and designed by Deonne Wright. After only three rinses of swishing and gargling every two hours, my pain miraculously disappeared, and I could swallow. I’m going to order some more. Thank you, Deonne.”

– Edda McCormick, client

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