Fragonia™ Has A Silent, Powerful Influence

The influence of all essential oils is very elegant and silently powerful. But in my experience, there is something uniquely spectacular about Fragonia™.

One of my colleagues was having a particularly stressful day recently as our organization is deploying a huge technological change-over. She mentioned how glad she’d be when everything just went back to ‘the way it was’. I was startled to hear her make that statement because we are both educators, and as change agents, we know that life never goes back to the way it was after a large implementation that requires intense education. When I reminded her of that, I could see I had completely deflated her.

She didn’t say much for about half an hour. When she finally spoke, it was in a small, tight voice, telling me she wished I had never said that. Suddenly I realized the impact my words had on her world – I had taken away her hope and the protective wall she had built up had fallen down around her feet.

Realizing the fragile nature of the moment, and how deeply the cord of distress ran through her core, I knew I needed to turn for help to my plant friends who are so much more intelligent and wise than I.

There is one essential oil I carry with me at all times; the one oil I would choose if I was told I could have only one. Fragonia™ (Agonis fragrans) is cultivated ethically – several hours south of Perth, Australia, by the Paperbark Company. It is the most balanced oil in its chemical structure that we know of so far. As a result, it has a beautiful way of balancing the human body, doing deep work on many levels, opening the flow of chi in the chakras. It has been shown in research on multiple continents to consistently open physical, emotional and spiritual blockages.

So it was that I took Fragonia™ out of its hiding place and put several drops on a tissue. I took it to my colleague and suggested she just breathe deeply as I wafted the tissue in front of her face about 8 inches away. She closed her eyes, and visibly began to relax as she sighed and breathed deeply. I watched her shoulders drop and the tension in her face begin to fade. Within less than 60 seconds (literally!) she stated that she could feel the tension ‘falling away’.

She asked to keep the tissue at her desk for the rest of the day. I did better than that and left the bottle for her to use.That was on Friday.  She told me on Monday that she slept better all weekend than she’d slept in a very long time, and has nothing else to account for it than Fragonia™.

The plants speak an inaudible language, but they speak nonetheless. They could be better than our best friends if we’d let them. They certainly want to be – what will it take for you to let them in to your life and begin a conversation with them?


  1. Bonnie says:

    Very interesting deoone. I searched your page to see if you had any recommendations for stress related sleep dysfunction, and I find this. The answer I needed!

    • That was an unexpected response, and she has since reported she continues to sleep well as she regularly uses Fragonia. There are other oils that people have reported assist them with sleep and they have been shown to have a dual role in assisting with stress management: lavender, marjoram, lemongrass are a few.

  2. It works! I’ve been using my Fragonia for two weeks. I’m sleeping better and feel less stressed during the day. I’m applying a drop to my chest after bathing in the morning. Before I go to bed I apply a drop to my wrist.I tend to sleep with my hands close my face, so I am able to breathe in the aroma while sleeping.
    I love lavender. I sprinkle dried blossoms on the woodstove after housecleaning to refresh the air. Do Fragonia and lavender blend well together?

    • I’m delighted to know Fragonia works for you, too! It is such a versatile oil, and is so useful for stress management. It does blend well with lavender – they create a beautiful synergy together. They have similar qualities and enhance each other to be more.

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